St. Kitts Island of St. Kitts & Nevis ( KN ) - Travel Guide

Each year, Nevis beckons thousands of tourists and locals to Culturama, a festival bustling with music, dancing and a Caribbean flavor all its own.

Held annually in late July or early August, usually around the Emancipation Day holiday, the tiny island of Nevis explodes with festivities as people converge on Nevis to celebrate Culturama. The festival came to life in 1974 when the Nevis Dramatic and Cultural Society noted a need for Nevisians to express their culture through local arts, dance and music, all of which flourish on Nevis. Culturama quickly became a stunning mix of all that Nevis has to offer from talent and music shows to local crafts and customs.

The Culturama celebrations present a large variety of activities and offer a unique addition to Nevis tourism. Mingle with locals in the streets during one of Culturama’s street bashes, a lively mix of people, drinks and dancing. Cheer on a local band during the Culturama Band Clash while sipping a drink and dancing through the night. Applaud your favorite contestants in local youth talent pageants and beauty queen contests. Or simply sample the mouth-watering local cuisine during the Cultural Food Fair, and taste the delightful local fruits on display at the Fruit Festival. All of these celebrations culminate with the Cultural Street Parade, an energetic display of local Nevis culture held every year in Charlestown at the close of Culturama.

The flurry of street parties, parades, festivities and Nevis folklore make Culturama an entertaining and memorable part of any trip to Nevis.

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